Welcome to Energy Done Right

Energy Done Right is a discussion and debate platform dedicated to providing Hill staff with the information, analysis, and resources they need to be active and informed participants in the evolving energy policy debates in Washington, D.C. We’ll focus on the most pressing policy issues and give staff a better understanding of the depth and breadth of perspectives in the free-market policy community.

The bench of moderates and conservatives working to implement principled, market-based, pro-growth policies in the energy and environmental sphere is growing exponentially. Conservatives are leading efforts like the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the House, convening working groups in the House and the Senate dedicated to exploring new ideas in energy and environmental policy, and introducing legislation covering a broad range of issues, including the future of nuclear power, an appropriate energy innovation agenda, the disposition of public lands, and much, much more.

Serving this growing policy debate is a challenge for Hill staff and Energy Done Right is specifically designed to meet that challenge. This platform and our monthly discussions are designed around the policy questions and issue areas of most interest to our participants and of most significance to generating clear, principled leadership on the matters before Congress and the executive branch.

If you’d like to participate, we invite you to fill out this interest survey. Your responses will seed our discussion agendas and the content we consider on this blog. We want this to be a tool for you! Regular feedback on which issues you’re currently thinking about will help us help you as the conversation evolves.

Conservatives know that the market is a superior problem solver. Let’s work together to identify and advance policy ideas that will set the United States on the path to a more secure energy future, a cleaner environment, and a more productive economy.

Energy Done Right is a project of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum and the R Street Institute, two think tanks dedicating to cultivating thoughtful, free market approaches to our energy and environmental challenges. We’re here to serve as educators, resources, facilitators, and networkers, bringing the needs of Hill staff to the policy community and relevant policy analysis and research to the Hill community.