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Welcome to Energy Done Right

Energy Done Right is a discussion and debate platform dedicated to providing Hill staff with the information, analysis, and resources they need to be active and informed participants in the evolving energy policy debates in Washington, D.C.


Fracking and Water Safety

A new study from Duke University's Nicholas School of the [...]

Court Freezes Clean Power Plan Lawsuit

From The Washington Post: A federal court on Friday granted [...]

“Words Versus Actions” on Climate Change Deal

By Catrina Rorke Later today, senior administration officials will meet [...]


Conservative Approaches & Solutions to Environmental Issues!

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Issue Influencers

Organizations that participate in the discussions and are ready to support staff on energy based decisions.

R Street Institute

R Street Institute was founded in 2012 to engage in policy research and outreach to promote free markets and limited, effective government. R Street works in the district and in the states and pays special attention to issues that other groups tend to neglect. Its specialty is in driving toward principled, free-market change by advancing practical, actionable responses to current problems. R Street’s motto is “Free markets. Real solutions.”


Conserve America

ConservAmerica’s mission is to educate the public and elected officials on conservative approaches to today’s environmental, energy, and conservation challenges. We believe that the preservation of our environment is, in the words of President Reagan “not a partisan challenge; it’s common sense” and that passing it on unimpaired to future generations of Americans is, again in his words, “our great moral responsibility.”


CRES Forum

CRES Forum is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a educating the public and influencing the national conversation about commonsense, conservative clean energy solutions. Our organization aims to provides research and analysis and hosts convenings and events to highlight brings people together for events to demonstrate how renewable and clean  energy policies can grow jobs, strengthen the economy and protect our national security, while also helping to preserve our environment for future generations.